The Howell Theatre was built in 1935 by Mr. Rudolph Howell as a single screen Movie Theatre seating over 700 movie-goers. Built in the heart of downtown Smithfield North Carolina, it quickly became an important and integral part of the downtown business community.

In the 1970’s after a fire the Theatre underwent a major remodeling, including the conversion from a single screen to a multi-screen 600 seats Theatre.

The Howell is now owned by Amy and Chuck Kirkman since 2009. (only the third owners since construction in 1935) Our one goal is to keep this gem up and running and delivering “The Best Entertainment Value in Smithfield”.
The history of the theatre is rich and storied. From the historical registry of the building and the original and still maintained rare art deco look outside to the warm friendly box office and concession counter where Ava Gardner bought her popcorn to see her first motion pictures, the Howell has the look and feel of the grand old lady that she is.

Virtually everything inside has been updated to state of the art in the projections booths with 2000 watt NEC Digital Projectors and sound systems. Also new and updated is all of the seating downstairs, all of the comfort systems throughout, carpets and security systems as well as the new roof. When we added the new rocking seating downstairs we took out six rows to spread out the between row space allowing a much more spacious and comfortable experience for our customers.
Features of the Howell include:
* Original restored Hardwood floors in all auditoriums.
* High backed rocking seating in the two downstairs auditoriums with extra legroom.
* Fixed seating in a stadium style for the two upstairs auditoriums.
* Cup-holders for all seats.
* Party room for up to 18 people for birthday parties (small additional fee required).
* Private showings available.
* Open every day except Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. We close these three days a year out of respect for the occasion and so that our staff can enjoy and spend time with their families on these important Holidays.

Come join us at the Howell to experience “The Best Entertainment Value in Smithfield”, and thanks for the business.